How NOT to wear crochet

Loads of fun, they said. Great for Burning Man, after the slopes, or for morning yoga in the winter, they said. Did you actually listened to a word of it? If you did, you might have made a huge mistake ordering a piece of crochet shorts constructed from Afghan blankets sold on etsy. These ones, I mean.


As you might have guessed, I ran into them while browsing for ridiculous , can’t-stop-scrolling fashion items hippies and hipsters love. It’s a dangerous world out there, I told you. So, these tiny, colorful shorts made from things grandma might have worked on several decades ago are available on order, made with – wait for it – yarn and love. 


Yes, this is how they were advertised and while I could only see them as a practical joke, dozens of people actually bought them. Not only that, they left reviews like “Love these shorts! First time wore them out people couldn’t take their hands off them! So comfortable or “Cool and Unique. Perfect for the Summer music festivals“. They did mention the Burning Man after all…



Argh, the world is changing too fast, I can’t stop it in time 🙂 )))

Tell me your honest opinion – should I let this slide?

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