How to mix prints like Katy Perry

Sometimes, celebrities can surprise us in the best way possible. For example – Katy Perry. She’s one of the few celebs who rarely made a fashion faux pas on the red carpet and off it.

Her fashion strategy is pretty forward – find your style and stick with it. Latex, bright colors, huge accesories, colored wigs – this is Perry on stage.

In real life, she sticks with her larger-than-life, eccentric esthetic but takes it down a notch – she’s all about prints.

If you’re having a hard time mix and matching or just choosing the right print for you, take some notes from the Queen of Stripes:

1. Neutrals will always blend in and hide. Black & white will always be in style. Stripes will always create the optical illusions your heart desires. So why not mix them all up?

Follow Katy Perry’s example and choose the pattern and colors that put your assets on display. Use horizontal stripes to add volume, vertical stripes to lengthen and make you slimmer. Black is for slimming, white is for enhancing and neutral is the best shade for looking like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Katy Perry trying a same pattern combo, layering. Different textures, preppy mood.

2. Print on print. While different floral prints can be difficult to mix and match, layering the same one in different textures can be esthetically pleasing. Pick up a few pointers from Katy Perry’s style agenda and go for subdued colors, if you’re more preppy than eccentric.

katy perry billboard cover red poppies

3. You love red but don’t want to give a femme fatale vibe? Opt for a floral print. Don’t go overboard and choose something clean for a lady like look. Poppies are your best bet, on a white background. Try a headband to keep in check your rebellious nature. Think more Blair Waldorf than Jenny Humphrey.

katy perry beach stripes neon

4. Make a print pop by mixing it with a monochrome piece. Make sure the latter is in a jewel, saturated tone for fall or winter and in a neon or summer color (turquoise/bright orange/coral/lime green) for this hot season. That way, your prints will be highlighted in the best way possible. Here, Katy Perry has worked every trend in her sleeve: stripes, coral, neon, modern bikini top.

One more thing.

Florals are for romantics, stripes are for down-to-earth, practical women, geometrical patterns are for minimalism lovers, checkers are for daring trendsetters and plaid is for preppy chicks.

photo source: Instagram/KatyPerry

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