Best Bargains: July

Last minute shopping spree in vacations? Souvenir-centered.

In Greece, I hoped to dedicate my last day to souvenirs. But, to my surprise, I discovered awesome gems during my trips, beautiful, traditional and fairly cheap. This July holiday, I left with something more than fridge magnets (must-haves, right?), which turned out to make my luggage extremely hard to close and heavier with 5-6 kilograms.

I won’t babble about everything I came home with – I wrote all about it here – but I will show you what were my favorite buys/best bargains:

1. Greek vase 

I spotted this Greek handmade vase in a souvenir shop in Chora (Ios), if I remember right. Imagine a wall with vases of all shapes and sizes, pretty and colorful – impossible to pick one, right? In the end, I chose the only one that fits perfectly on my upper shelf, in the livingroom.



It has a beautiful teal shade and is carved with battle scenes from Ancient Greece. It might not be centuries old, but it’s definitely an unexpected piece in a modern house that somehow blends easily. Oh, and it has the cutest interior – all for 15 euros.


2. Watercolored Santorini desk clock 


First, I saw the fridge magnets painted with watercolors. They seemed so cheerful, beautiful and unique, that I had to bring two back home. Then, T. suggested we buy this clock for my tiny desk, where I love to be surrounded by colorful clips and pens, but don’t have a clock. I know, I know, you have the laptop watch – well, maybe, but since I brought it home, I’m always looking at this desk clock for the right time.


Plus, the Oia cityscape is so dreamy, I love looking at it all day long and remember the good times we’ve had there. How much did it cost? Around 5 euros.

3.Evergetikon Face Scrub 



This was one of the few beauty purchases in Santorini. I bought it in Oia, after walking in a shop full of natural cosmetics. It’s a Cretan product, with apricot and orange. The smell is unbelievable, and the texture is creamy from the olive oil extract, yet does the job thanks to the exfoliating particles.



My skin felt super silky and smooth after using it, but be careful – don’t overdo it. Just a small amount of product is enough for a good exfoliation.


I payed 18 euros for it and don’t regret one bit since I’m sure I’ll be using it for a long time.

4. Striped cover for my livingroom sofa


Last but not least, I bought this simple, cotton striped cover for my livingroom sofa. I’m all about creating a space that’s refreshing and dreamy, in bright colors, with lots of white, so this was the perfect touch.


It’s called India Nubia probably for the similar texture and I must say it’s perfect for summer. I can lay on it all day without getting warm. It’s heatproof and it only cost me 28 euros.

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