That’s new! Kylie Jenner Covers Up. Badly

“Life in plastic, it’s fantastic”! Or at least, it used to be for Kylie Jenner. When it came to wearing nothing all summer, except swimsuits, everything went smoothly. No way you can screw up that!
But once weather got colder, fashion started challenging this newbie Kardashian. Outside of red carpet events (where you have to show skin in tight dresses and transparencies), Kylie found herself in a conundrum – what to wear to cover up?

Since this is not her strong point, she chose a kaki jumpsuit, all creased, with a huge crotch space 😐 She could comfortably wear a diaper and no one would notice the difference. While the rest of accessories are on point, she could have stuck to jeans and shirt.
No need to play the fashion mistress, if you don’t know how…

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