A Fashion Grinch’s Beauty Kit

You matter. From head to toe. If your hair is dishevealed, your eyebrows are amiss or those dark circles are visible from a mile away, the designer dress you’re wearing won’t make a difference. Look at it from this angle: if your face is the design of a business card, the rest is your name, address, telephone number.

Given that, it would be pretty reckless for me not to have a beauty kit. It’s true, some days 10 minutes of sleep are all I need; they’re more precious than the foundation, blush, mascara, etc routine, but more than often I can’t bare to see my face untouched by a bit of color and light.

I don’t use much, especially after befriending the dermatologist and finding a beauty specialist who not only does but explains too. It’s more important to care after your skin than cover up the imperfections.

That being my mantra of late, I’ve invested in quality make-up and dermo-cosmetics.

What’s in this magic bag of mine:

Skincare products


  • Avene Hydrance Optimale Legere with UV protection – my faithful moisturizer. For the tantrums my face is pulling, this is the safest bet. No irritation, no zits and no dry skin
  • Thermal water – this time I’m trying Oxyance, but usually I go to Avene for my monthly fix. It’s the best remedy for itchy, dry cheeks
  • Mattifying toner – now I’m testing Avene Cleanance MAT and if it’s going to behave as it did these couple of days I’m going to buy the full version. I like that it really clears up my face and gets rid of oil and dirt
  • Once a week or every 2 weeks I use this face scrub
  • Elmiplant Hydrating Cleansing Milk (not featured here)

aaaand Elmiplant Skin Moisture CC Cream for combination skin (lightest shade). It’s a very light formula which I love since I hate the cakey feel and look of regular foundation. It gives pretty good coverage, it’s not at all oily and I’m extremely glad that I can just apply it and that’s it – I’m out the door looking fresh!

 Make-up basics

Last year, I would have written concealer, black eyeliner, nude lipstick and foundation, for when I felt like it. But since then I receiveed some toys 😀 and bought other on my own. Now, they look so pretty and I use them more than I will ever admit so I thought I’d share them, in case you were looking for some inspiration.


  • Lancome Absolu Voyage palette – concealer, blush, powder, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick – this is supposed to be your life-saver on any trip. I’ve found out it’s my life-saver on a daily basis. I’m always in a hurry, always running out of time so naturally I love this all-in-1 pallette




  • Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs – Les Bleus – usually at night, when I want a statement, electric look

rujuri rujuri2 rujuri3

  • MAC Party Line lipstick (it’s a deep burgundy on my lips) and Dior Rouge Blossom, for a sultry look at night; during the day, when I’m not wearing nudes, I like to color my lips with MAC Passion Charge and Melkior Delicate Rose (it’s not so delicate as you might think – it’s very pigmented). Also, MAC Stoke the Flame lipgloss (the last and only lipgloss in my purse) for a discreet, shimmery look
  • W7 brow kit – I’ve never known the power of my brows until I tried it
  • MAC Brownborder eyeliner for a day look, but usually I’m a fan of ultra black liners like Bourgeois Khol & Contour


I’ve left things out (concealers, lipliners, blush, etc) but I freaked out when I saw how many things are on this list, though it’s supposed to be basic :)))

Well, you should know I’m not the most practical buyer and neither are my friends so… yeah, we’re caught in a vicious cycle.

Tell me – what’s the one beauty item you couldn’t live without?

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