I love Anthropologie, But…

Comfy, quirky, girly, unique – what brand I’m talking about? Anthropologie! I’m in love with the store and I’d repin everything they put on Pinterest if I didn’t exert some self-control. That being said, I was sucker punched the other day when I saw the above pair of… office clogs?! I don’t know wear to place them, from a styling point of view.
What I do know is that they’re an unfortunate hybrid, a mix of peep toe sandals, clogs and sneakers. If you’ve read the blog for some time now, you know I hate clogs, as they’re the most unflattering and heavy piece of footwear in the Universe (UGGs are runner ups).
Not only that, this pair of slingbacks from Nina Z has a blunt peep toe that almost looks like an accident. It’s as if the designer decided last minute that it’s gonna resemble a sneaker. The laces and buckle don’t add an ounce of femininity so… sorry guys, I love you, but this is a definite NO in my book. 
On the other hand, these are the latest items I’ve pinned from Anthropologie, things that I definitely recommend:

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photo: all from Anthropologie; find the Anglophile Journals here!

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