Best Bargains: September

I don’t know when September passed by, I swear! Just when I was adjusting to the new flavors and colors of the month, I found myself in October, a couple of weeks away from Halloween and, like a newsletter hurriedly announced, about 80 and something days from Christmas! Can you believe it?
Going back at the past month, I thought about accomplishments, events, buys and bargains. Truth is I made more shopping sprees at the Gourmet section in the local supermarket than at department stores. But I did get some goodies you’ll envy me for 😀
1/  Camel hat (Stradivarius, $17)


Quietly waiting for me near the door is a beautiful camel hat I first wore here – remember this? It was a bit of a bargain, considering it’s almost impossible to ruin and I’ll wear it in fall and spring.


See the details? That braided strap is made from suede, which, in case you didn’t see here and here, is my latest obsession! I usually wear it with my olive green parka, but it can go well with a leather jacket too or a trench.


2/ Grey skirt (H&M, $16 from $23)


I bought this at half price in a H&M sale and don’t regret a bit. I love grey shades (I might even do a post with all the Greys in my closet :D) and I really like that it’s made from a thick cotton, giving it structure and making it a late fall essential.
I’d wear it with tucked-in tees and shirts or even loose knitted sweaters. Definitely with heels, though (yeah, yeah, the girl above is in flats, but she can stare down at people, I have to look up:)).

hmprod (1)

3/ iPhone case (Bershka, $7.6 vs $40 at


As you might have seen in the main image, I switched my opaque iPhone case with a, somewhat, nude one. It’s got a lacy pattern I really love – not just pretty, but non-slippery, as well – that I’ve seen before on other sites. Best thing? It didn’t cost me as much! This was REALLY a bargain – under $10 compared to $40, like in other shops.
4/ Miracle Styling Argan Hairspray (Mellor & Russell, £1.3 ($2) vs £3.95 ($6) on ebay)


From gadgets to beauty staples – we’ve arrived at out final destination, the last item on the list – an argan oil hairspray! There’s no one that battles frizzy hair quite like me, I assure you.
I didn’t know what to use anymore to tame them without putting a ton of product in my hair. Well, this spray really helped. I can’t say it’s a remedy but it is a quick fix if you have an important meeting and your hair is exploding without warning.


It smells nice and doesn’t leave my strands sticky or dry. It was a remarkable good deal, at less than half the price you find on eBay!
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