What’s The Deal With Internet Bags

Once upon a time, science and art were complete opposites. It was inconceivable to make a connection between something cold and calculated like science & tech and the passionate, profound art.

Nowadays, though, art uses technology as a means to an end. 3D printing, electricity in various forms and engineering principles are put to work to create wonderful sculptures and clothes.

Fashion is more and more linked to tech – luxury wearables are a clear proof of that. 

It’s no wonder big fashion houses are starting to create techy sets for their annual shows and even clothing that moves or evaporates at the simple touch.

So Internet bags? We had it coming. Fendi broke the ice with the Dot Com bag, an analog accessory that tempts you to open it with the push of a… stud.


Once you do, you’ll discover a dettachable leather pouch in a contrasting hue. The one above mixes toned-down blue with black but you do have the classic option, also:


Made from calf leather, it’s sturdy enough to become an office staple but light also, so that you can take it on a daily basis.

While it launched on the US commerce site in December (an exclusive at the time, to celebrate the opening of an online shop), you will find it in stores at the end of the month. 

Price tag? $2,400. Surprised? I didn’t think so :))

photosource: purseblog.com

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