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It was one year ago, in late March. I got an invitation to attend Mihaela Glavan’s spring-summer shoe collection. It was clear from the get-go that I’d be in for a treat – not just because she was renowned for the quality of her shoes and the unique designs but because this time she was showcasing her pieces in the Botanical Garden.

I imagined a neat runway and lines of chairs for the guests surrounded by ferns, flowers and small trees. We’d be in a green cocoon, admiring her work  up close. As it turned out, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

What Mihaela had in mind was to turn the greenhouse in a perfect display for her spring shoes. If I looked around, I’d see nothing else but greenery. If I looked down though, I could see beautiful blushed pink stilettos, suede loafers and cream sandals with painted, sturdy heels. 

blush stiletto

From the trees, watching us closely like curious birds, hung gladiator sandals and feminine backpacks in grey leather with floral prints.

The whole collection was inspired by flight and life, birds and flowers, recreating them in leather, suede and textile on the heels and tips.

blush bow


Red oxfords and buttery shoes with oversized bows were waiting on glass tiles, in square or heart shapes.

red men shoes

Bits and pieces of printed heels were planted in the ground, as if waiting for actual shoes to grow up and be worn. Butterfly decorations could be seen here and there on logs, all in all creating a perfect blend between nature and fashion.


Want to know a secret? I had rarely wanted a shoe so much before! 

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