Rita Ora in RIP Orange

I’ve never been a fan of Rita Ora and I never tried to hide it.  This woman has never proven anything to me – she doesn’t have Rihanna’s voice or ability to release hit after hit and fails at pulling off risky outfits like Gaga. So… she’s basically a walking mannequin and sometimes fails even at that.

How? She keeps choosing daring dresses that attract a dozen paparazzi but put her in a bad light:


I mean… it’s not enough that the scraps of material are overstretched at the waist or the fact that they barely cover her intimate parts, but I’m forced to see her ass and cellulite. Whyyyy? Why are you exposing yourself like this when you know it’s not a flattering look? God – she would have looked stunning in a column, pencil leather dress.


Instead, she’s happy to show us her hipline, with her belly trying to get some air every way it can! It’s customary to wear a piece from the designer whose show you attend but come on, even Donatella knows this outfit is catwalk-only. This barely-there dress is not meant to be worn by real women, in real social contexts – it can’t be, unless you’re desperate to show your body before swimsuit season.

In today’s avalanche of naked bodies as forms of expression, art or money, an appearance like this doesn’t shock or trigger admiration anymore. It’s not memorable, but pitiful… get a hobby, Rita!

photo source: Instagram.com/RitaOra

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