Guess Who’s The Worst Dressed Kardashian Sister!

Documenting the Kardashian clan’s wardrobe is like taking a dive in a pool of sequins and naked images with no R-rated glasses – blinding and obnoxious.

On several occasions though, a stretchy or baggy mess ensued and I was once again blown away by their cruel inventivity. I thought Kim was the queen of apalling #ootd, yet I found Kylie equally creative.

Now, even fitness-maniac Khloe entered the competition for worst dressed Kardashian. Through her midi, bodycon dresses with cleavage view and fitness apparel, made room this horror jumpsuit:

Kendall and I are serrrrving and of course we have the side eye queen 😏 #CTC4Life

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Don’t kid yourself – that skin-tight, tigress jumpsuit was meant to show it all, not cover anything – from boobs, to crotch, to ass. Maybe if the cut was different, the fabric more loose and classy, in silk perhaps, and the cleavage – less – that print would have worked. But like this – never! Don’t get me started with the make up…

Needless to say, Kendall was yet again sexy without looking trashy and Kylie tried her best… though her black panties was clearly showing through.

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