Out With The Old, In With The New: Accessories Edition

I’m writing this post, with “Attraversiamo” playing in the background. It’s one of those songs that gives me wings to soar and the good vibe you need to write from the heart and smile with no reason. It helps that I have a glass of Rose, near, I know. So, here I go, all emotional, talking about jewelry.

The core of the article? I’ve selected some accessories, threw others and well I should give you some sort of guide to help you sort out your things. But this music makes me think of the quirky, outdated pieces I couldn’t convince myself to cast away, even though I rarely wear them. The ladybug mom gave me because she knows that’s  how T.’s calls  me;  the golden bracelet from my grandma and the princess-like necklace and earrings she gave me recently – another thing I’ll barely use but that will always make me feel her close, even after she’s gone.


black, volcanic stone pendant from Santorini that T. gave me, a floral bracelet from my brother, a golden necklace (that I’ve engraved with the peace sign) from my aunt, a coming-of-age thin necklace from mom – how could I throw away this feeling of… love? I can’t.


In the end, I guess I’m keeping just a couple of things purchased by me – stacked rings, studded gold bracelet and gold statement necklace, long, red earrings and a diamond pair for elegant dinners and wedding receptions. The delicate ring with a coral pearl? From T., in Mallorca. The blue feathery necklace and earrings? From my friend, Ro.


Do I have another reason for keeping these, besides the memories they carry on? Well, yes, I’ve noticed I’m more attracted by golden jewelry lately, yet I’m not a fan of barely-there necklaces and rings. Not yet. The colorful pieces that have stuck with me are meant to brighten up black ensembles or monochrome outfits.


What did I throw, in the end: An owl set and a fang pendant I purchased as a teenager, a pink and yellow bauble necklace I never wear (although it’s extremely cute), a pink, Swarovski crystal bracelet that has always been too much for me but.. I still bought it. Because pink.


Basically, I put away everything that was bought in a whim and is never worn.


Have you started the spring wardrobe organizing and cleaning? How’s it coming up?

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