Peculiar Paris (What You Don’t See On The Internet)

I’ve come back from Paris with 500+ pics. For some, it’s not that much, but for any blogger, it’s a headache. How to choose what to show you guys?! I love them all, every photo has a story, but what story should I tell? I first figured I should make 3 parts of my journey there – one regarding the people there, the other one concerning architectural wonders and the third one showcasing street art.

You’ve probably read Humans of Paris and you’re certainly going to like the street art bit. But it’s hard to evoke the emotions I had walking on the marble floors of Louvre, through the Tuileries Gardens, on Marais’ cobblestone streets and in Versailles Chateau. It’s especially difficult since you can see thousands of pictures on Google with them (some more artistic than mine). And simply showing you renowned facades, like the Notre-Dame one, will probably leave you indifferent.

So I decided to show you My Paris, the things that attracted me inexplicably, the things that are not so photographed because they’re not of a conventional beauty. Here are the peculiar bits and pieces of Paris that might make you fall in love with the city, like I did (even if “Paris is dirty”.. such a cliche):

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