Why You Should Love Beauty Apps As Much As Your Self-Esteem

Sunday morning. With unsteady legs, I wobble to the bathroom mirror. I noticed the sunrays struggling to find their way through the shades, in my bedroom. I know it’s going to be a warm, beautiful day and finally, after minutes of prolonging the inevitable, I open my eyes. What is this?! Dark circles, a huge pimple popping out of nowhere, fine lines on my forehead after a stressful year and the palest face I’ve ever seen. Grunting, I return to the bed, wishing it would all go away.

Sounds familiar? Millions of women are, like me, no strangers to the aftereffects of dehydration, sleep deprivation, stress, large pores and unsuitable skin products. It would probably require a sabbatical year in Tibet, living with tea and herbs, to cleanse our body of toxins and finally, smile ecstatically at the perfect reflections in the mirror. But we can’t all leave our jobs and do our hearts’ desire! Instead we have make-up and beauty apps.


Over the past decade, we have relied on the transformative powers of mineral powders, concealers and bronzers to convey our ideal image of ourselves. The only problem is practice makes perfect and… we’re running out of time to become our personal make-up artist.

Lucky for us, the digital world hasn’t become just a brain-challenging, sense-indulging place to be but a realm of possible dreams. At one click or touch away, lies a limitless shopping area where we can try and buy the things needed to look beautiful and fierce. When that fails, either for lack of money or excess of ineffective make-up products, we simply turn to beauty apps.


It’s the only way to be camera ready at all times so we can feed our natural selfie hunger (that reached 200 million photos last year!). As self-sufficient, independent women, instead of hiring professional photographers to follow us around and force us to pose artificially, we take our own portraits, choosing how much to enhance and alter. With 6000 apps out there, we have more than enough brushes and colors to put our imagination to work and reveal the colorful image of our soul.

Some of us turn to Modiface, an app that makes your skin smoother and your eyes, differently colored. Others prefer FaceTune, an app that removes dark circles, acne and turns you into a flawless movie star. The ones who are looking for a more seamless experience are taking the next step – purchasing phones equipped with beautification modules from the factory.


Yes, smartphones like Huawei 8, OnePlus and Micromax Canvas Selfie are selling like hotcakes in China and India, because of their smart editing tools. Instead of installing and uploading photos in third party applications, you can take a selfie and retouch it (mattifying, smoothing, slimming and coloring) from the camera phone.

Why would go to these lengths? Well, the true reasons why you should love beauty tools as much as your self-esteem have nothing to do with numbers or trends. You shouldn’t use them because everybody does it or because you could never look good in a photo without digital retouching, but because…

  1. They give you, paradoxically, that sought-after confidence. Your self-esteem shouldn’t plummet every time you edit a selfie, on the contrary! The right app can bring out the beautiful complexion bad habits have tarnished.
  2. They are tools of self-expression. Instead of painting or sculpting your portrait with oils and chisels, you’re doing it with apps. No one forces you to use them in a particular way, it’s your choice to play with them.
  3. Apps will make you decide if cosmetic surgery is an option. Before you go all Barbie, you can test drive a slimmer face, bigger lips and lifted eyelids.
  4. Smartphones and beauty apps are reflections of your imagination as much as eyes are windows to your soul. You don’t need painting or Photoshop skills anymore to publicize your views on beauty – simply open a photo editor and let your creative juices flow with a couple of touches.
  5. They are incentives to care more about your skin. After seeing how much of a difference a smooth face makes or the right eye shadow, you will actively search for the best products in real life. Moreover, you will invest in quality skincare and make-up items that enhance your natural beauty and even eat healthier to achieve that perfect glow.

Maybe smart, individualist women aren’t the ones who reject digital enhancement products, but the ones who know how to use tools like beauty apps in their favor. It’s all about who is in control – a peer, an app or you?

photo sources: Pixabay, Modiface, Facetune, L’Oreal

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  • DanielleJasminAlice -

    Love this post, It’s so true that many of us rely on apps to get the perfect selfie! xx


    • Mara

      Mara -

      Exactly! And that has nothing to do with our self-confidence – we’re independent, confident women who just love tweaking pictures. I, for one, edit all my vacation pictures – #photoshopaddict and #photographerindisguise.

      • DanielleJasminAlice -

        Definitely! Nothing wrong in some harmless editing, not everyone can get rid of annoying spots haha

        • Mara

          Mara -

          Sending a virtual high five and hug to you :*

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