5 Things I “Hate” About My Body

I was originally going to lose the quotation marks and go for full hate. The truth is I keep complaining about them to my closest ones and I still peek at the mirror just to discover what I dreaded in the first place.

But another part of me knows I would never do something radical to change any of it (think surgery, expensive treatments, miracle pills) and I’m definitely one of the few lucky ones who can still be happy despite it all. Putting everything on paper like I’m doing now and sharing it will, hopefully, cleanse my mind of negative thoughts and save future efforts of being perfect. It’s a myth people – not even Blake Lively is perfect – I spotted some cellulite there that brought a ridiculous amount of peace of mind 😂

Let’s begin with the obvious (at least to me):

🙈  Wide ankles – there’s literally a straight line from my knee to my foot. I’d love to see some curve there, point the spot where the ankle become as thin as my arm. One colleague couldn’t believe I was complaining about that and told me about this test: grab your ankle with your thumb and index finger and if they touch, you’re a graceful swan. Mine didn’t, to the complete surprise of the girl

🙈  Chubby knees – although I’m pretty slim, my knees have muffin tops or puffy donuts or however you want to name them. They look like the knees of a 10-year-old, making my legs the opposite of sexy when I walk in flats (which is most of the time). I find myself contracting them involuntarily on the streets to hide the chubbiness

🙈  Cellulite – I don’t exercise a lot, granted, but even when I did, I could see the effects on my forearms, abs, calves, never on my bottom. Naturally, I have some unfortunate dimples dirrectly under my bottom that I cannot unsee. You can’t imagine the stress I carried with me this season, at the beach

🙈  Small breasts coupled with a noticeable bottom – the worst combo. Everything seems flat from the waist up, I can’t wear tops without push-up bras and I’ll never have that hot, swimsuit look. That said, I’d never do an augmentation – never.

🙈  Thin lips – I always put the accent on my eyes during make-up because there’s not much you can do with the lips. Sure, they look fine overall but I do have to say no to red lipstick unless I wanna have a bitchy resting face (cue Kirsten Stewart images)

I’m gonna stop here, especially because one of the most criticized actresses for her features in Hollywood summed the most important thing in life as her fabulous character, Carrie Bradshaw: ‘The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that’s just fabulous.’

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