Boredom cure: Dogo shoes

I’m not a fashion victim, not exactly. I love clothes, accessories and shoes and I will take advantage of every and any occasion to buy them. Nevertheless, for me, they’re more an escape route than a compulsion.

They’re my weapon against boredom. They’re my way of saying to the world that fashion can help you be and show who you truly are.

Take Dogo shoes for example. This brand spoke to me from the start. Their shoes weren’t (just) colorful or avant-garde. They told stories that reflected my own.


Watching them closely, I could see how the creamy leather made way for a blue, water-color sky, filled with stars, stung by the top of huge buildings.


In front, just one advice: Don’t stop, keep on walking. Nothing too philosophical, but enough to make me fall in love with them.


Simply put, they became another brick for my “hand-made” happy, stylish microworld.

How do you stay off the beaten path?

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