When not sure… start with a scarf!

start with a scarf

Opening Ceremony heart printed scarf, Weekday t-shirt, Rag&Bone vintage leggings, Kelsi Dagger wedge sandal, Dororthy Perkins bracelet, Juicy Couture bangle, sunglasses

Sometimes, nothing seems to coordinate in your closet. Some pieces are edgy, rock’n’rollish, made from leather and studs, some are colorful, thin like paper from one of your boho years…

I wake up daily not knowing how am I gonna face the world that day – in leather pants and military boots, with a floral trench on or a denim jacket, in heels or flats, with a hat or not? So many choices and sooo many clothes that I’m sick of or can’t find the right combo for them…

How the hell am I gonna leave the door in 15 minutes???

I have to start with an item. Usually, it’s a pair of pants, the basic of basics. But it can also be a blouse, a pair of shoes or an accesory. Like this one above, a beautiful silk scarf with geometric motives and leather details, something you don’t really see often. It gives me a relaxed, urban air, so my obvious next step was to pick a colored t-shirt and leggings, in a clashing color. This way, it makes me really POP! on the street, but I’m not overdoing it. The chosen colors match the ones from the scarf so they are nicely connected.

Of course, the rest of the outfit has to be really simple – black bangle, black sandals, nude sunglasses. Oh – and a stack of bracelets, just for that added carefree air 😉


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