No. 15


I had a soft spot for animal print two years ago. That being said, even back then I chose cuffs or clutches that had the original stained print, smaller items that replicated perfectly a leopard fur.

As usual, the trend caught up and soon, “Made in China” shops and trinkets boutiques sold bags, scarfs and hats in an animal print style! (big difference from the wilderness-inspired print). Only their cheaper variants used yellow instead of the muted orange inspired by leopard fur, odd shapes and other colors. The more colored they were, the more flashy they seemed.

Of course, it’s become a MUST HAVE for some girls, like the one above. Really – sneakers with a print that looks like it was drawn by a 7 year-old? In a bright yellow and heavy blue? Damn, it looks more like a pizza (with gorgonzola), then a stylish print. A shoe pizza, the SHPIZZ.

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