No. 17


When I made this photo I was sure about what was wrong with it, but until now I hadn’t thought if there was anything good about it. (Like all things in life, there is no absolute worst/best)*.

In this case, my initial reaction was a flee-or-fight one. The neon pink was striking and deceptively blinding, like an acid poured onto my eyelids while I’m asleep.

The jumper alone would have sufficed; but, as all women who love to stand out, she chose to match it with tights in the same color. Never a good choice – the eye should focus on a single, “wow” item you are wearing, not on multiple pieces.

*As I was saying earlier, I didn’t realize that I did like something about this look in spite of its clear overdone aspect. It proved courage. Choosing one bold color for TWO pieces of clothing in one single outfit shows  character. Also, it shows you’re not afraid to draw attention. I’ll always take that instead of boring, black-meets-brown/cream-meets-jeans combo.

Dress to impress EXPRESS!




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