To shock or not to shock?

{Salvatore Ferragamo fuchsia silk top, H&M jersey skirt, Jen zip side wedge boots, Pamela Love quartz ring, Guess ring, Fiona Paston cuff, Marc by Marc Jacobs silver earrings, MAC powder}

I’m a black addict. I rarely choose an outfit without at least one piece in this (non)color. It’s my neutral – I need it to feel grounded, tough, ready to take on the world.

That being said, I could never wear black from head to toe. It would be extremely boring and, to some extent, depressing. That’s why I usually mix it with grey, white and edgy prints to give it an urban, interesting feel. But sometimes, I need a change; sometimes, I need to feel special, to stand out. That’s when I start – willingly – to get out of my comfort zone.

For example, I will choose an unexpected outfit for a club/cocktail night out – something sexy that doesn’t give too much away 😉 A short black skirt, wedges, rock’n’roll jewellery and one never-to-be-forgotten top is key! To me, that is a silky soft, almost transparent top in a flirty color, bold and appealing, that seduces without being vulgar.

Shocking for the ladies, exhilarating for the guys…

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