At night, Less is More

Rick Owens nubuck leather and chiffon black dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, Chanel rare lucite gold earrings, Alexander McQueen clutch, Pieces pearl and crystal bracelet

In autumn, jewel tones are all the rage. Burgundy, emerald, cognac, dark purple – they bring a dose of mystery, sophistication and seduction you crave for during the crisp, cold months to come. The same ingredients that transform Cinderella in a queen by the end of the ball.

That is why, when the opportunity arises, I prefer to indulge myself and wear classic, elegant pieces in darker tones. For a gala, I’d wear a black dress with a surprising cut, made from luxuriant and unusual materials, paired up with burgundy pumps, a mouth-watering clutch in a similar tone and gold jewels.

Why gold jewels? To me, gold is the key ingredient to a lady-like, expensive-looking outfit, besides being a warm metal that matches the color of the shoes & clutch and can stand-out on its own. That means you don’t have to add many pieces of jewellery – in fact, I’m all against it.

At night, less is more, so a pair of Chanel earrings in a beautiful white/gold combo and a stack of pearl bracelets are all you need.



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