Breakfast in… Italy

{Pyramid Crochet lace dress, Miso denim jacket, Steve Madden sandal, Dooney & Bourke bag, Amrita Singh bangle, Prada sunglasses}

This summer, I won’t be taking my breakfast at Tiffany’s, but somewhere chicer.

There might not be jewels, but I’ll have my share of espresso, pizza, pasta, gelato and limoncello. Yes, I’ll be pampering myself and indulging in savory foods in Italy! I can’t wait ’till August!

Of course, I’ve already made a mental itinerary and spent nights hovering over what I should pack. Let’s skip the obvious pieces – bathing suit, shorts, wedges & flip flops… what am I going to wear to feel pretty, elegant and chic?

My best bet is on white pieces, lace and color blocking accessories. I really want a look that suits my mood, something whimsical, but modern, dreamy yet cheerful. A midi, flowy dress, made with white crochet lace is beautifully balanced by a turquoise cropped denim jacket, modern and urban. To keep in sync with the dress, I’ve picked a lace sandal and chose a nude pair of glasses.

As for accessories, some bangles are enough. These ones continue the boho style inspiration.

Tip! Give boost to a soft outfit with a bright or strong color. I’ve chosen a fiery red leather bag.

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