Dress code dilemma

nine west starring silver

Miss Selfridge silver sequin body, Sylvia Rielle jupe skirt, Nine West shoes, Chanel black wallet, diamond platinum bracelet, Amrita Singh culver ring, Samira 13 tassel diamond earrings, TheBalm read my lips lipstick

What’s a party without a theme? Just a get together with people, drinks and fine food. It’s not entertaining and the pictures get lost in a sea of Facebook images (what’s a party without selfies you may ask? On this, another time :)).

So, they start color coordinating people, invitations, decorations, gift bags!!! Of course, they bring out the dress code. It’s the dreaded last sentence we see on an RSVP to almost any cool, must-attend, fun party. If we’re lucky, it might say only “casual” or “black tie”, if we’re not, it’s extremely specific like “just red” or “the 20s” or… “black and silver”.

For the last one, I started playing with a glamorous yet comfortable outfit (I’m tired of always having to abandon a good scene because my feet are killing me from the impossible high shoes). I started with a pair of silver flats and a fluid, iron-silver top/body, the kind that doesn’t rise up when you wave to somebody across the crowd. I paired this with a pencil skirt that leaves me room to move at the hips and a Chanel black wallet.

When it came to accessories, I chose tassel earrings to accentuate my neckline, a beautiful bracelet and… a red ring, just a drop of color. Then, I gave it some continuity with a red lipstick and voila! My look was done.

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