Iconic shoes, easy to wear: The perfect outfit to help them stand out


Tabitha Simmons floral-print lace-up sandal, Blonde & Blonde gold heart t-shirt, Balmain black mini skirt, D&G black lily glam cross body bag, Assad Mounser shiprock gold-plated multi-chain bracelet, Pieces cocktail ring

When I go shopping, I always look for unusual pieces, things that I won’t see on the street too often. Many times, I find myself at home with shoes and tops, even jewelry, that seem to come from different worlds, bearing more than one style! How the hell will I ever pair them?! It seems an impossible mission.

This time, I was so thrilled about a pair of sandals that I dug into my closet to find pieces that matched IT, not the other way around. You must recognize the iconic Tabitha Simmons sandals they belong to the spring 2012 collection and have been a favorite of mine (and bloggers, celebrities, .. pretty much everybody)!! Naturally I was having trouble dressing in something that was minimalistic enough to let them shine, but in sync as well.

In the end, it was a game of elimination:

  • other colors – out of discussion! This print was bold enough, I didn’t need anything brighter
  • complicated details (flowers, ruffles, lace, bows)
  • other prints
  • extremely feminine or elegant clothing

I needed the opposite: simple cuts and classic colors. Of course, B&W a tee was perfect for that casual look (while the heart gave it a glam touch) while a high-waist mini skirt was a much-needed rock n’ roll element. A round leather clutch was simple in design yet had a surprising shape.

What about the accessories? The ones I chose reflect the Tabitha Simmons sandals’ spirit. Cheerful, colorful, bright, in the exact same colors, medium size.

Photography by Jake Rosenberg

In Tabitha Simmons’ apartment. Photography by Jake Rosenberg

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