Art de Vivre on the streets of Paris

There can be a million people out there, but you’ll still be able to recognize a French among them. How is that?

Until some years ago, I’d simply shrug my shoulders and invoke the “je ne sais quoi” line. But since the birth of Pinterest, my uncle’s frequent visits (he’s lived in France for 30 years now) and more and more french bloggers on the web, I’ve come to a simple conclusion – they are the kings and queens of effortless style.

Forget about Kate Moss! You should follow Caroline Alt, Ines de la Fressange and Clemence Poesy.

The last one has perfected the fashion principle of stylish young Parisians: don’t try too hard, dress carelessly, adopt THE ONLY healthy attitude there is …………….


C’mon, say it out loud! Scream if you must! Just make it your mantra – it will do wonders for your style and, more importantly, for your life. Like them:

You can’t leave all your principles behind? Moreover, these women scare you with their androgynous looks? So, just take it down a notch – forget about gazillions of accessories, layers and layers of make-up and complicated outfits.

Think in clean lines, even if they’ll seem boring to you at the beginning. Pull a crisp shirt from your closet, a pair of straight cut jeans and a pair of stilettos. Others will marvel in your simplicity (remember Einstein’s words: If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. Got my point?).

Another way of achieving the french-level of style is going with an over-sized t-shirt, worn as a dress. Again – minimalism is your golden ticket. Palazzo pants and a simple top may be an alternative, for a lady-like look.

L’art de vivre can still be seen in modern-day Paris, if you look carefully. Parisians haven’t forgotten how to live well, they’ve just found another definition for a balanced, happy life – comfort and no worries. They prefer to impress with a scent, or a witty line, or their latest incursion in Thailand, or their latest conversation with an American :)) They let their eyes and mouth speak, not necessarily their clothes.

When they do decide to pull all stops, like at Fashion Week, they indulge in volumes and cuts. They love to play with shapes, dimensions, textures:

Next time, about “Dolce far niente on the streets of Milan”!

photo source: Pinterest

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