Queen B is hard to replicate, Linds!

For a while now, Lindsay Lohan has started to make amends with society. I hear she came back healthier than ever, eager to show the world rehab did her good. Well, congrats for that! Seriously – it must be hard to find your way back and when you do, you should count on everyone’s support.

That being said, I just couldn’t overlook the fact that Lindsay still makes terrible choices in the fashion department. Apart from a couple of styled outfits in the past, she never showed any sense of style, au contraire! Here, she’s just ruined the #selfie purpose – to show your best look, from head to toe. The redhead actually tried a cheap-looking plaid dress, mid-length, with a butterfly belt and a weird waist height. Like a reckless schoolgirl, forced to wear an ill-fitting uniform.

Now, if you were trying to channel Blair Waldorf, bad news for you Lindsay – you didn’t even come close:

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