Believe it: Miley can make Barbie Fashion kitschier

If there’s one person on Earth who has specialized in kitschy items and promotes them without a second thought, that’s Miley Cyrus. Regardless of my personal aversion to her (music, life decisions, etc), her outfits are, without question, a bad blend of racy, childish  and downright insane choices!

While I don’t follow her on any social platforms, I can’t help seeing pictures of her fashion disasters lately, since media seems to adore her  knows she sells just by breathing. So, I’m always prepared for Miley style nausea with one or two lemons set aside.

Yet the above outfit caught me unprepared.

The mix of cheap-looking gold chains, Chanel logo, ripped hotpants, floral sequined jacket and thigh high boots is downright poisonous for the cultivated taste.

I guess Mrs Cyrus is trying to translate Barbie Fashion to the real world, but ironically, it just makes it even more kitsch than already is (while sending innocent little girls the wrong message):

{Just another sample of the star’s quirky fashion accessories}

And Barbie creators thought they ruled the world of pink attires and over-the-top bling…

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