No. 36

Spoiling a good pair of jeans is downright blasphemy. Doing so while trying to be trendy is more than ridiculous, is slightly pathetic.

Yet this happens when you have cheap items wherever you look and an uneducated fashion eye. Now, don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against low priced clothing (not everyone affords Rag & Bone or Proenza Schouler), especially when there are countless options of tasty jeans, from skinny to boot cut and even wide leg jeans. The more simple they are, the better – they give you, at least, the feeling of quality.

But CHEAP ones (not LOW PRICED) with lots of bling and studs or ripped in all the wrong places just make you the object of attention in a I-wanna-poke-my-eyes-out.

I followed this lady for a bit, trying at first to catch her shoes on camera (they were some sort of clogs meet sneakers in a fuchsia shade), but she was moving way too fast. So, instead, I focused on the rest of her clothing. Yes, there they were – the most ridiculous pattern of ripped jeans ever. Just below her butt, in a U shape.

Was she trying to smile at us, I wonder…?



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