Who is Mrs Fifty Shades of Grey?

{Thierry Mugler vintage bustier, Chanel vintage pants, Valentino Rockstud Patent heels,
Balenciaga Cable Strap bag, Hermes Kelly watch, Juliette has a Gun perfume}

I gave myself a pretty daunting homework – to create a Mrs 50 shades of grey. Not an outfit fit for Anastasia Steele, but one that could suit Mrs Grey, the female version of the protagonist. A dominatrix by all means, a woman in control from day to night.

Naturally, I tried to incorporate the novel’s feeling, without skipping on my personal vision. Mrs Grey is, to me, the type of woman who can seduce and overpower any man without saying a word. A silent predator that chooses its victim carefully, almost inadvertently, from the corner of a room. She is noticed, of course, but has an intimidating allure that keeps men at bay.

Once she makes a move, either by giving her business card or by putting an uncomfortable question, she is pursued by her future lover. Refined, intelligent, always in control, she is a high-level seductress whose smile disguises danger.

Given this profile, it comes as no surprise to you that I have chosen a daring red corset, high-waist pants for a lady-LIKE look, vixen heels and a crisp bag. Her accessories are better displayed in the bedroom, so all she wears is a prison-inspired, luxurious watch and an insanely dangerous perfume, Juliette has a Gun.




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