How to wear shorts in autumn

{Alexander Wang Ribbed sweater, Carven Caban shorts, Taupe Tyla Suede Boot,
Sole Society Panama hat, Armani Exchange watch, Marc by Marc Jacobs Salty Pretzel earrings}

I’m baaaaaaaaaaack!

I couldn’t stay much time away from you guys, although Mallorca was more than McDreamy. Sunny, fun, surprising and more spectacular than I would have thought, my vacation is officially over. There are so many things I want to talk with you about that I think I’ll drive you crazy next week!!!

Until I make some order in my 700+ vacation photos [no, it’s not a joke and no, I won’t show you all – the blog might crash from the upload], here is the ultimate transitional outfit for fall. The how-to-wear-shorts-to-show-my-tan-when-summer-ends. In style, of course.

First of all, opt for your thickest and most neutral (no Hawaiian prints allowed) short you own – I chose Carven nude shorts. Then, mix it with a comfy sweater – don’t worry if it’s a bit bulky, that’s the idea.

Now play with accessories! A hat is in order, as well as suede boots. Choose some that reflect autumn’s beautiful colors. Next, be a total lady with an elegant watch and a total girl with fun earrings – my pair has a pretzel shape [can I just say I’m dying to eat a freshly-baked, warm one?].

Ready? Now you can go to your nearest Starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte [or make one at home until they bring it in]!

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