Mallorcan Sillhouettes

Last week, I left home not knowing what to expect from my vacation to Mallorca. Don’t get me wrong, I was absolutely sure I’d spent most mornings at the beach and all evenings with a cocktail in my hand, but what about the rest of the time?

I’m a restless person and I knew that even in vacation I wouldn’t be able to just sit there, lying on the beach. All. Day. Long. I didn’t want to tell T. my concerns, since he was all about relaxing and sleeping till lunchtime.

Gracias a DiosThank God, once we got there, organized excursions seemed like a good idea to both of us.

That’s how we got to spend one day on a cruise ship, reenacting Titanic scenes and eating Pollo Paella (yes, everybody gave us a murderous stare for not trying “mariscos” = sea food). I chose to dare the beautiful blue sky and navy waters with magenta linen shorts and a white V-top (not shown here):



Dozens of colored suits on the small bay beach and… trendy grandmas:


My glasses got a bit wet from the cruise, but no matter. I got ready for another day in Olive and Almonds County (Manacor) where I tasted Carob / Almonds/ Herbs Liqueur:


Still, you need some Cola in-between right? I mean, nothing beats a cold, fuzzy drink

Still, you need some Cola in-between right? I mean, nothing beats a cold, fuzzy drink

Next destination, Sa Calobra. I’ll tell you more about this beautiful, small and rocky bay later on. For now, take a fashion peek:

I'm sexy and I know it

I’m sexy and I know it


One more stop – Port of Soller. Luxurious and unique – you can grab from there a 1912 wooden tram to a similar, same year-born train that runs through a small part of Serra de Tramuntana. The port in itself is a display of lifeless beauty:


Back to Palma de Mallorca, the city capital. Below, just a glimpse of my outfit for a day of visiting La Seu cathedral and Es Baluard Museum of Contemporary Art, scouting the best places to eat and walking in the Arab forgotten city:




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