Surreal Mallorca (what makes the island… tick)

Mallorca isn’t some God-forsaken island. Beyond the turquoise water, the white sands and carefree palm trees, lies a Muslim inheritance and a contemporary artistic expression.

In Palma, I discovered a magnificent cathedral where Gaudi displayed his genius once more. His influence on La Seu de Santa Maria is obvious from the outside sculptures and gothic motives to the indoor canopy altar. At one point, I was dizzy from photographing all the stained glass windows (it has one of the world’s largest stain glass window with 1,236 pieces of glass, measuring almost 12m across!!!) and balconies.

The Cathedral of Light, as many call it, has secrets of its own. First, it was built on the site of a former mosque, so all who kneel before the altar, kneel in the direction of Mecca. Then, 15 generations of architects and artists worked on it, one of whom created a contemporary tale from The Bible in terracotta.


Don’t be surprised to find out that one day I decided to skip the beach for a dark and humid place – Hams and Drach Caves. I saw amazingly-lit columns and laced stalactites and stalagmites, mesmerizing projections on the walls and a live classical concert on a spectacular lake.


 Nothing gave me the peace and comfort that I wanted from a vacation more like a stroll in the Old Town. Once inhabited by the Arabs, now it retains only one original building, Banys Arabs. The rest is made up of narrow streets, green windows  and arcade entrances.


Discover an upside down house and other bizarre pieces of art from Es Baluard Museum, the delicate process of pearl crafting and unique scenery in the gallery below!

Finally, read about the best thing I spend money on in Mallorca!

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