Blue is my favorite color

I saved the best for last.

The underwater world took me by surprise. I didn’t expect to see it so colorful, alive, brimming with energy , especially in a confined space. Palma (Mallorca)’s aquarium blew me away!  It was a zoo, an aquarium and a museum in the same time, magnificent.



I admit: I was absolutely fascinated with the beautifully organized aquarium – all 3D walls, amazing tanks and soothing music…





… when I reached an extraordinary outdoor garden.

The Gardens included ponds and small waterfalls with koi fish and turtles, beautiful flowers and exotic trees. It was a pleasure to walk around the rocky labyrinth, listening to nature’s sounds, coming from a… – wait for it, wait for it – stone-like speakers!!!. Just hidden between the trees. Fancy, huh?


When I was just thinking that I couldn’t get more excited from the view, I met the Jungle. A rainforest duplicate, the jungle welcomed us with a soft, wet, crunchy ground, where wood just melted beneath our feet, a beautiful waterfall, exotic flowers, Ara parrots, poisonous frogs and other Amazonian wonders.



At the end of the 900 m journey, the deepest shark tank in Europe – 8.5 metres deep – awaited. The Big Blue was every bit as mesmerizing as I thought it would be. Menacing teeth, curious eyes and slow tail movements could be seen everywhere. The mysterious predators werewatching us closely. As we watched them.



The End… of this vacation! See you tomorrow!

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