No. 38: Knock! Knock! Back door open?

Zippers, zippers, zippers…

These accessories are supposed to make a leather jacket more edgy, boots more practical and pants more comfortable (remember when they used to close at the sides? Those were some times!).

That said, can they go wrong?

Absolutely! Like in this picture I took on my way home. It’s the undeniable proof that people just switch functions when they have absolutely no idea how to change a piece of clothing dramatically (and esthetically pleasing). Like the bra that closes in front or the reversed blouse (cleavage at the back), these jeans are the result of a severe lack of imagination.

Unable to invent them all over again, they switched the position of the zipper. Only, this is more a dangerous invitation for strangers than a fashion risk. It wouldn’t be at all difficult to unzip it and.. well, you can imagine the rest. Why would you expose yourself like that?! Especially since the pants look like a really bad joke.

Then again, she probably doesn’t know it.

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