No 39: In the airport…

… she’s a ten right?!

I mean, she puts fish to shame. Her lace and scales (yeah, ok, they’re sequins, but the resemblance is uncanny, tell the truth!) are unbelievable! They just lit up the airport, like a Christmas tree or a disco ball. I swear, the stars of Palma’s aquarium have nothing on her!

Joke aside, there is no way such a combo could work. Ever. While a denim skirt can be a timeless piece, a lace and sequins combo never. Maybe in Zuhair Murad’s collections buuuut that’s a whole other story (couture, evening gown’s, grace!).

On a daily basis, women should stick to denim on denim combos or better yet, denim skirts with cardigans, plaid shirts, neutral blazers:

* all photos from Pinterest

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