Wood and Gold

{Balmain Blazer, Burberry Jenken boots, Oscar de la Renta skirt, Tesler Mendelovitch clutch,
no name tee, Giorgio Armani palette yeux}

If there’s one thing about fashion that I love is the GAME. It’s one area where you can play endlessly, creating different scenarios.

One day you’re a preppy student, in plaids and blazers, another day you’re a hardcore, business-oriented manager, always in a hurry in Louboutins, pencil skirts and crisp shirts and in the weekends you resemble a groupie in leather shorts and fringe vests. I love to surprise even myself, from time to time, with a purchase I wouldn’t have dreamed about one year ago.

With that thought in mind, I stepped out of my comfort zone this Friday. Instead of choosing rich colors, quirky accessories, edgy pants, I opted for a combo that had just popped into my mind moments earlier: wood and gold.

I just loved how they look together – the wood, hard and matte, the gold, shiny and slippery. I knew I had to have wooden boots and a golden jacket. From that point on I was lucky to find some real gems: a wood clutch and a Balmain leather blazer with gold details. Beautiful!

Those were such strong items, that I had to go easier on the rest of the outfit. A simple black skirt emphasizes the jacket, and a quirky, casual tee makes it more approachable.

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