Girls just wanna… wear glitter!

{The Row two-tone cape, T by Alexander Wang crisscross crop top, Stella McCartney skirt,

YSL Glitter boots, Kate Spade glitter sneaker, Furla handbag}

 I think, sometimes, we all fear looking childish. We stay away from childish remarks, games, pleasures (a swing ride in a park, video games, cotton candy, caramels, coloring our hair in a wacky shade). We throw away (with a cringe) pink clothes, Hello Kitty beauty kits, rubber bracelets and other girlish accessories.

No matter how much you still love your childhood souvenirs, there’s no way you’d keep all those in sight or, worse, wear them in public, right? (especially when there’s a Fashion Grinch around). But, in spite of that, I’m here to say that one childish guilty pleasure has survived the passing of years and the carving of fashion rules: GLITTER.

You heard me just fine – you can still wear glitter. Not only on your fingernails, but also on your feet, as boots, sneakers, flats, you name it! (I love them all, hence the two pairs of shoes I chose for this post).

For an evening look, there’s nothing more appropriate. But for a daily outfit?

Well, just pair it like me. Keep the rest of the outfit as classic, comfortable and basic as you can. I chose a simple Stella McCartney skirt with a minimalistic print, a basic and sexy crop top and a super relaxed coat from The Row (Olson sisters’ clothing line). Lastly, go for an unexpected accessory, like a PVC handbag. It will raise eyebrows, in a good way!

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