Explosive Pinata

I respect artists’ mission to grab everyone’s attention. It’s a difficult task, given the fact that hundreds live (only) in UK and USA. It doesn’t help either that women are eager to show off everything they can, in a pitiful effort to be loved.

So, it’s maybe logical that Lady Gaga and her team spend nights figuring out her stage outfits, more cuckoo each and every time (remember there’s Miley out there!).

But there’s a thin line between edgy, in an Alexander McQueen way, and ridiculous, “I’ve-been-transformed-in-a-pinata-for-kids” fashion. Colorful dreads, plastic fruits, PVC dress, clown shoes – should I be impressed by this woman?

Mmmno. Not at all. A unique style, a different perspective and an interesting mindset are not made up of dozens of wacky trends, tasteless combos and an all-over dramatic, adolescent demeanor.

There’s a clear lack of fashion knowledge but more importantly of direction in life and street smarts that cannot be covered by dozens of layers of materials. She’s not the terrible child of pop and more importantly, will never be the terrible child of fashion like these two and their muses:


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