To be Wise or not to be Wise: The Chanel-lo bagel bag

Chanel can make a lot of quirky, one of a kind items with a splash of couture – here’s one proof. But one piece in particular has nothing to do with the french fashion house – the Bagel Bag.

Worn by actress India Menuez at a Chanel event, the innocent, tasty bag caught the attention of several bloggers, socialites and journalists, who branded it as Chanel. But no, folks, it has nothing to do with a Kaiser, but a Wise-r. The interesting accessory is a “dysfunctional art object” by Canadian artist Chloe Wise.

“People are raving that ‘the bagel is going to be the hottest new trend this spring’—I’m just LOL-ling”, said Wise for Glamour.

Can someone blame her really? Every bit of unusual, slightly-artsy invention is now dubbed as a fashion trend. Trends have become synonymous with wacky ideas like rubber bracelets, mustache everything,  feather hats, flatforms – nobody makes the difference now between true art and over-the-night, between-a-glass-or-two products.

So, it’s no wonder that a tongue-in-cheek piece like hers is seen as serious trend by many. In a hurry to have the latest item with a designer label, everybody has forgot to pass it through their fashion filter.


Chanel-lo?! Do you really love the fashion house? Then don’t be more excited for a bagel bag than a leathery, lady-like, classic piece!

Karl’s latest collections (including fall 2014) are targeted at teenagers who wake up in a pool of money from mommy and daddy and go to sleep with their phones still searching Instagram. Let’s take a step back here and be adults – choose sophisticated clothes, beautiful pieces from his collection, that WE can style in a smart manner.

Let’s prove we DESERVE Chanel.

Oh, and don’t let Coco, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino or… Stanford, here, down: JUDGE for yourself!


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