101 with Iris van Herpen

Guys, this is my 100 and 1 post!

Normally, people do something big when they reach that two-zeros number. It’s a stepping stone, an arrival point, a destination. But my journey has just begun, Fashion Grinch is barely warming its engine. I can’t glow a candle now and savor the moment. It’s not my style (though I’d love a chocolate cake with a cherry on top right now, thank you very much).

No, I’m jumping right into another conversation, about one designer whose work I’ve started to admire for what it was – an amazing work of courage, originality and imagination – about a year ago.

Iris van Herpen, dutch designer, intern at Alexander McQueen, queen herself of Sci-Fi fashion.


I could call it technological fashion, or fashion of the future, but I think this popular term describes better to everyone what her creations are all about: symbols of microscopic worlds, abstract objects, artificial wonders.

How are they made – is she using lace, organza, tafta, cashmere, velvet, satin, golden threads? No, no, and no.

See, her choice of materials is the thing that sets her apart from popular brands and fashion houses. She uses PVC, glass, metal and PRINTS almost all of her dresses. Yes, she is one of the early adopters of 3D printing in fashion, along with other laser and electroplating techniques.

spring 2015 clouds

She’s a woman of science with a knack for tailoring and a passion for art.

She is a constant surprise; seriously, there’s nothing that makes more glad than free expression of the self in fashion. The self (the soul), is the only part of us that hasn’t been too much altered by trends, conceptions, rules. Here is the spring of endless wonders.

Thank you for that, Iris. Thank you for keeping this wonderful world so fresh!

See my top 12 favorite dresses signed van Herpen here!

photo source: pinterest.com

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