Are you posing or struggling?

Nobody is born photo-savvy. I mean, we’re not divided in photogenic babies, later on supermodels (that can strike a pose wherever they are) and awkward children prone to numb limbs and lanky teenager bodies.

We learn – to look provocative, dangerous, to keep our chin up, our chest forward and bottom behind. To walk like a swan, stretch like a ballerina and bite our lips in ridiculous, femme fatale, vampire-like ways. But, I mean, this is expected of beautiful women who want to have a career in modelling.

So, no matter how YOU look, you’re used to seeing THEM look flawless in magazines and billboards. You definitely do not expect this:

I’ve solved the neck-head dilemma. I’ll just pose like this and see afterwards how the *** am I going to walk back home. ‘Cause there’s no way that muscular cramp is going to heal by itself.

and especially this:

I’m so lazy today… I just wanna be hold. In the absence of somebody, anybody, I’ll just rest on this wall

Tell me if I’m getting more Grinch by the second* or if you totally agree with me in the comments section below!

*on the other hand it is the month of Christmas, so, it’s fitting!

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