Check the tire!

I’ve always been drawn to classic, edgy clothes with a masculine touch so it’s no wonder I loved this Alexander Wang bag from the first time I lay eyes on it.

I mean a handbag with a tire pattern? It s ironically appropriate for me this season, given the fact that my whole look is in my off days very Michelin Man-like (oh, yeah, baby I’ll do anything to keep warm) (okay, so I only let my friends see me like this, I confess).

Before you judge, let me explain – I’m a very sensitive person when it comes to extreme temperatures and come winter, all my frozen nightmares come to life. So i buckle up, find my fuzziest tights, all my knitwear, sturdy army boots and fluffy gloves and I brave the city.

That s when I’d like this bag by my side, a proof that winter is coming… And I m gonna survive it:

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What’s your go-to outfit on a freezing winter day?

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