The girl who couldn’t fit in the picture

I love the diversity of my job. Every day I discover new ways in which people express themselves through clothes. Each choice speaks more than they’d think. Imagine what a pair of over-sized, round glasses say of an elderly man, or a colorful bow tie, of a young woman. Imagine what’s a day like in the life of a 35 year old woman who wears all black or a 15 year old who’s struggling to walk straight in 6 inch heels.  

At some point, these choices make up a print that endures in time. In some cases, it can even develop in a signature – a specific hairstyle, accessory, make up. In the end, it’s all someone needs to get a sense of any stranger’s life.

The other day, I wasn’t startled by an outfit, but by the actual person. Instead of wearing something kitsch or bizarre to make an impression, this girl was wearing herself – the five foot eleven inches of herself. I was sitting in the bus, just fiddling with my phone, when I saw this leg. Just a never ending, athletic leg, that reminded me of Jack and the Beanstalk. 

Of course, I tried to take a pic of this girl but she wouldn’t fit in the picture. How could she? This blonde specimen’s head was almost touching the roof! Slender, she was certainly a favorite on the basketball court or on the catwalk. Her height brought her in the center of attention at all times, I guess. No wonder she chose to wear simple, casual-sport clothes – jeans, winter jacket, dockers. She wanted to blend in or… she just didn’t know how to look feminine and gracious like petite girls easily do.

Such a pity! I would have told her (as I write to all of you, now) to invest in:

  • long, flowy dresses *(that can visibly shorten smaller girls)
  • boat neck tops and sweaters in pastel colors
  • horizontal stripes
  • round flats (look nicely on a bigger foot)
  • long, asymmetrical cardigans

Above pictures> Pinterest

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