The only thing that matters

Last week was pretty rough – a couple of projects beside work that kept me awake from dawn to midnight. Since I am a person who really needs and loves her sleep, it didn’t go very well with me. Not at all.

I pulled through eventually, but I remember thinking about the pressure I had put on my shoulders, practically overnight. I remember thinking about the things I still have to do and how they never seem to end. I remember worrying as I hadn’t done in a while.

But somehow, along those lines, I had one, clear thought – why did it matter so much? What would happen if everything would crumble? What would happen if I didn’t deliver? 

The things I would lose aren’t even remotely important as the only one I’d be left with – love. Hence, the words above (“from love we are born, for love we should live, in love we should die”), ringing in my head, making me smile for the first time in three days.

Read them carefully – is there, really, something more precious than this?

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