The eternal scrunchie of the sloppy girl

Remember the first sign of Berger’s complex in Sex and the City? The scrunchie argument, when Carrie made fun of his leading lady’s signature accessory? The fact is, no stylish lady would resort to a big, fabric hair tie when she has the option of hiding it beneath her strands of hair! Or, at least, use a bow hair tie in a luxurious color (emerald, bordeaux / marsala, to keep the pace of the current trends).

It looks cheap, ugly, sloppy. It gives the impression of a shabby Barbie in the middle of winter, no less. (Summer tones look incredibly out of place in such a season, when everything is glum and grey).

My suggestion is to  avoid the look completely – after all, if even Carrie Bradshaw, the queen of impossible mix and matching gave it a “no”, it’s clearly a waste of your money and … hair. Every woman’s hair should be an alluring weapon, a device of seduction, power or fierce independence. It should make a statement like turbans, turtlenecks, punk boots or buttoned up shirts do.

Keep it loose and wavy/textured/straight or pull it in a sleek ponytail that captures the light of the sun. Use a transparent rubber band or one that matches your hair color. If you want something a little more noticeable, choose between these styles:

source: Pinterest

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