Cruella De Vil, Sans The “Quality” Coat And Cute Dalmatians

I loved 101 Dalmatians (how could I not?! Those B&W bundles of joy were everything I wished for as a kid). The cuter they got, the uglier Disney made the antagonist, Cruella De Vil. Horrible inside out! At the beginning, you could at least appreciate the coat and (if you were a chic, visionary adult) the hair styling. Until you found out she used dalmatian’s fur… but that’s another story!

(Take a look if you need an incentive to see the animation again :D)

So, I didn’t expect to meet her life counterpart, as you can imagine. But once I DID see her, I couldn’t take my eyes from it. As you can see above, she pretty much chose the most shaggy, fuzzy, fur coat you could possibly imagine and paired it… wait for it… with velvet pants! Fabulous, right?!

No. Not at all. Especially since the pants were too short and you could see the tip of her socks. Not to mention the fact that her coat was barely hugging the waist – not exactly a model, I’m afraid.

Lessons to learn:

  1. Always choose textures and cuts that compliment your silhouette
  2. Never buy a size too small or a bad length. It should look tailored fit
  3. Avoid mixing two statement pieces in one outfit – in this case a fur coat and velvet pants. Even if they’re not in bright or saturated colors, the textures go head to head. Let one of them steal the show and put YOU in the spotlight!
  4. If you DO choose a statement piece to wear at day, make sure you look polished from head to toe – clean, crisp clothes, quality accessories, beautiful shoes, perfect hair and make-up. Otherwise, it will have been all for nothing.

How would I accessorize a fur coat? See on my Pinterest account!

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