Army & Kim Kardashian

I love how celebrities are always trying to be BTT or ATT – before the trend or after the trend. But they will (almost) never, no matter what the critics say, march at the beat of their own drum or God forbid, actually consider their silhouette before ordering another pair of those boyfriend jeans or cropped tops.

In Kim Kardashian’s case, army pants.

Everyone knows that Kim has a classic hourglass shape, with a “bit” of a derriere boost. So, naturally, she doesn’t have to enhance ANYTHING – she has the most desired body shape on Earth. Why does she need to be, relentlessly and needlessly, over the top? Well, she is Kim K.

But just so it happens, that this need to be always trendy, always in designer pieces, always predictable, has led to major fashion fails. Like the army pants – cropped, optically cutting from the legs.


Then, the huge pockets and belt – their purpose is to enlarge so they made Kardashian’s hips and butt look enormous! Not to mention the most obvious of all, the big camouflage print.

As you know, the bigger the print, the larger the body area that it covers. As you can imagine, it didn’t do any favors to Kim’s legs.

All in all, she was a walking disaster in New York. See the complete, real outfit HERE!

So, tell me: How would you have styled that white crop top?

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