Fierce & Fears

Whenever I see a woman wearing a bold piece of clothing, like these purple tights, I always wonder – did she prepare it in advance or was it a last minute decision? What does she hope to achieve by wearing that? Is it an expression of her fierce personality, is it a sign that she religiously follows fashion blogs and magazines or that she just wants to be noticed?

Is it a cry for help?

After taking this picture, I still couldn’t give a simple answer. It’s easy to suppose, to go with your first impression, but more than often, it’s the wrong one. After all, you never get to know someone fully.

Perhaps she wanted to be Someone that day, to get a compliment or at least a curious stare, to feel less left out. Perhaps this woman was one of many women afraid to be forgotten after their youth disappears into thin air.

It is, after all, the biggest fear we, women, have in common. 

The fear that wrinkles, saggy breasts, cellulite, will deem us undesirable to men, unworthy of their attention. We’re eager to accept that they are visual creatures by nature – a nature we cannot change. So, we’ll do anything to draw them in from the first look, even if it leads to nothing.

Or.. maybe she didn’t care anymore. Maybe those purple tights, that only enhance her sturdy legs, instead of making them slimmer, were the only thing she could find at dawn. Maybe she doesn’t care about trends, or rules, or the existence of a Fashion Grinch.

Maybe we can put a label – A woman oblivious to beauty*.

But what if she simply didn’t see it? What if she looked in the mirror and decided this was a cool combo, refreshing, a bit crazy for her age, but worth a go. For these moments, that we all know too well (we’ve lived them once or are about to), some guidelines are in order. In this case:

  • colored tights give the illusion of wider, thicker legs. They are a NO-NO for women with short legs or athletic calves
  • bright colors or saturated ones will always bring the attention to that part of the body – choose them wisely
  • if you can wear bright tights, make sure you have another item in that color ; alternatively, try to build your outfit with one word in mind: colorblock
  • avoid pairing bold prints with bold colors, unless they’re in the same color palette – it’s tiring for the eyes

What about you – do you have a piece of clothing you’re not sure about in your dressing? Let’s talk about it before you throw it away!

* understood as aesthetics.

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