Hot N Cold

Transitional weather requires transitional clothing. Suddenly, your fur coat becomes a biker jacket with two to three layers of cotton shirts underneath and you’re replacing thick tights with distressed jeans.

The objective is simple – creating a stylish look , but adequate for the weather in the same time. Not to thick, not to thin, so you won’t shiver outside and won’t sweat inside (it’s an adventure, I know).

That being said, you should never mix textures so different in appearance and weight like this girl did. We all know what she said to herself

– “It’s sunny outside, I can finally wear a dress! … But what if I’ll stay until late and it gets chilly? Let me just grab a winter coat!”. Then, kaboom – there she went, through the door, not looking once in the mirror before.

In the middle of the street, surrounded by people who put their health before “fashion”, she’s easy to spot. It’s like watching the pink elephant in a room full of porcelain cups. Not only is she freezing (hence the winter coat on) but her clothes are clashing.

There isn’t anything stylish in wearing a bulky coat, simple, sporty, with a dress (or skirt) in a different color, texture, both feminine and classic. It doesn’t even have an urban feel or an edgy alure – that way it might have passed by as deliberate, a statement.

It was just bad mixing, in-a-hurry dressing up.

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