Trends have their purpose in life. For the curious, inquisitive minds, it’s a way to register the in/evolution of fashion, for those who cherish designers’ opinions, it’s crucial to know what’s “in”. And, of course, trends are of biblical importance for people who don’t have a particular style and just go with the flow.

But when trends become ubiquitous, we risk losing our uniqueness in favor of a safe, blending-in-the-crowd uniform. It’s happening here.

I was getting serious deja-vus after a couple of months, but it wasn’t until I saw the 100th woman dressed like this (see above) that I realized it was spreading like a disease.

If it weren’t for the faces Mother Nature gave them, you couldn’t tell most young women apart here.

In autumn/spring and early winter they all dress in the same fashion – leather jacket, black (fake leather) tights, long sweater/shirt/blouse, ankle boots, heavy (knitted or not) scarf – and … twist their hair in a high bun, of course (no, the ballerina trend hasn’t disappeared).

It’s frustrating for me and incredibly practical for them (I guess)! While I’m tired seeing the same thing every single day, (plus/minus nerdy, RayBan fake glasses), they’re happily jumping in taxis, going for brunches, sipping on lattes.

For them, this is the “perfect” combo – fit tights to show some leg, long shirt to hide cellulite, leather jacket to look like a bad ass chick, high bun to keep in control messy hair. For me, it’s an obvious symptom of laziness.

Don’t think I’m a hard worker when it comes to fashion, no. The truth is…I get bored easily. Normally, you could see that as a potential problem, but in fashion, you have hundreds of ways to switch up your routine. One accessory and a different pair of shoes can change your look completely. It’s easier than ever to experiment and find yourself, through clothes. What you CAN’T do is copy a look, from head to toe, and wear it like a uniform, no matter how cool it looked on a model.

After some time, its value will go from 10 to nothing.

What are you tired of seeing on the streets?

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